Thursday, March 13, 2014

Well, hello Ms. Lady...

What's this!?   Could it be....another post from the most awesome blog there ever was!?  Well, no not really.  It's just our big dumb blog again.  I know that our tens of readers may be slightly less annoyed today due to this post.

Welp, wasn't expecting that!
Well, big news...Malia and I are expecting again!  It was really on a whim that Malia decided to do the ol' pee on a stick test, but man am I glad she did!

I was busting her chops a little, thinking that she was being overly dramatic with the whole "Ugh, my boobs are really sore and swollen and I'm really tired..." bit.  I mean for crying out loud, I'm tired and my boobs hurt too...

One quick trip to Safeway and a potty break later quickly shut my mouth.  Side note - don't ever try and buy a pregnancy test at the ghetto Safeway close to our house.  Apparently, there is a highly sophisticated theft ring that specializes in home pregnancy tests...  It's so bad, they have to lock them up in the manager's a safe...behind a locked door...  :|  Clearblue Easy my ass.  So there I was - up in the front of the store by the manager's office...just me, the manager, assistant manager and the customer service guy all trying to pick the most appropriate stick to pee on.  Good times.

I digress...did I mention that we are pregnant?

That was just about a month ago, so we've had some time for the idea of another screaming bundle of joy/stress/poop/vomit to settle in.  We had our first appointment with our OB doctor today, the same doc that delivered Sydney!  Mom and baby are doing fine and are just shy of 9 weeks today!

We'll be starting to post belly pics again as soon as there is something to show...  I had to give Sydney her notice on the crib today.  I'm surprised she has stayed in it as long as she has, but we're definitely keeping her in there as long as we can!!

Ah man, I just replaced the blankets in here!

Stay tuned!